Our suppliers are leading the automotive tuning and enhancement industry for years and are true representatives of high quality, power and perfection.


  • 1221 Wheels

    1221 Wheels is a speciality wheel manufacturer with a unique style creating products out of Southern California.


    ABT Sportsline is a German-based tuner for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.


    AC Schnitzer is a German-based tuner for BMW cars, Mini, Range Rover and Jaguar.


    One of the most advanced exhaust systems for luxury and sports cars. Made out of ultra light titanium with carbon accessories.

  • Alpina Automobiles

    Alpina is a successful company that crafts exclusive automobiles and automobile parts globally. They are an exclusive manufacturer for BMW vehicles.

  • Arma Speed

    Arma Speed provides a number of intake, braking, body kits and performance upgrades for a wide range of vehicle brands.


    Aspire Design is an UK-based company specializing in Body kits and wheels for luxury cars including Range Rover Sport.


    BC Forged is an industry leading manufacturer of 1-Piece and 2-Piece Forged wheels. Customer can select any design and any colour for his vehicle.


    High Performance Carbon fiber parts, wheels and upgrades for complete Mercedes Range Cars by BRABUS - the leader in Mercedes Benz Tuning.

  • Brixton Forged

    Hand-Crafted custom forged wheels created in California, USA. Lightweight performance wheels which outperform competitors. 

  • CAPRISTO Automotive

    CAPRISTO is a German based producer of high-end remote control operated exhaust systems for Sports cars and exotics. In addition, CAPRISTO manufactures exclusive carbon fiber parts.

  • Carlsson

    Exclusive products. Perfect quality.

  • D2 Forged

    D2 Racing is leading manufacturer of custom 2-Piece FORGED wheels.

  • Fab Design

    Fab Design is a unique vehicle modification company servicing the majority of high-end vehicle manufacturers.

  • FABSPEED Motorsport

    FABSPEED Motorsport is an US-based speciality manufacturer for high performance exhaust systems and air intakes.


    Fairy Design INC is an Japanese automotive body kit design company.

  • Fi-Exhaust

    Frequency Intelligent Exhaust Systems (Fi-Exhaust) is a Taiwan based manufactruer of high-end valve exhaust systems for leading car brands.

  • GFG Forged

    GFG Forged Wheels is a luxury wheel manufacturer based in Southern California. They provide a series of custom wheels to suit most vehicles.

  • Giovanna Wheels

    Giovanna Wheels is a California based manufacturer of custom wheels. They provide a number of unique brands with a large variety of designs for their customers.

  • GTHAUS Meisterschaft

    GTHAUS Meisterschaft is a US-based speciality company for performance exhaust systems.

  • HMS Tuning

    HMS Tuning is a German based exhaust system manufacturer.

  • Kleemann

    Kleemann is a speciality Mercedes-Benz tuning company. The offer a large variety of engine enhancing products for Mercedes-Benz.

  • Lorinser

    Lorinser is a speciality vehicle refinement company. Lorinser carries a range of enhancement products for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. They carry a range of custom, high quality, wheels, body kits and engine performance products.


    The ultimate in luxury automotive tuning. MANSORY sets the standards in the car enhancement industry.


    Misha Designs produces high end body kits for luxury cars including Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


    NOVITEC is a German-based tuning company for sports cars like Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

  • O-Brake Braking Systems

    German made custom brake discs, pads and complete braking systems.


    PUR WHEELS is a Canada based forged wheels manufacturer.

  • Quicksilver Exhaust Systems

    Quicksilver Exhaust systems are high end exhaust systems made in UK for various luxury car brands.

  • RENNtech

    Headquartered in Florida, USA, RENNtech is the premium Mercedes-Benz tuning company. Their in house design, engineering and manufacturing creates top of the line products for Mercedes-Benz and other European luxury cars.

  • Soul Performance Products

    Soul Performance Products is a US team of automotive experts providing high quality performance parts for the automotive industry.

  • Stance Wheels

    Stance Wheels is a California based manufacturer of custom forged wheels.


    Techart Germany is a speciality tuner for Porsche vehicles.


    Vellano Forged are a leading US-based wheels manufacturer specialising in 1-Piece and 3-Piece modular construction wheels.


    Vorsteiner is an US Based firm specializing in exclusive carbon fiber body kit for luxury car brands as well as custom wheels.

  • Vossen Wheels

    Vossen Wheels manufacture high end wheels to suit most car brands. Based out of Miami, Florida, USA.

  • WALD International

    WALD is a Japan based company specialising in body kits and wheels.